Wedding cakes


Choosing a wedding cake for your special day can seem like a daunting task. A beautifully designed and decorated cake is an extremely important focal point to any special wedding celebration.  Not only should your cake look fantastic, it should taste wonderful too.

Whether your dream wedding cake is stylish and contemporary, funky and modern or a romantic fariytale I will work with you to bring together different flavours and designs to bring your dream to life.

WEdding cakes with Nikki Brown Suitcase wedding cake with Nikki Brown Wedding cakes with Nikki Brown  Wedding cakes with Nikki Brown Cupcake wedding cakes with Nikki Brown  Purple flowers wedding cake with Nikki Brown

Cupcake bouquets are a beautiful alternative to floral arrangements as your table centerpeices, and they double up as the wedding favours too!

They can be created to match your wedding flowers in style and colour and are a unique and different focal point, not to mention conversation piece.

Wedding cupcake bouquet with Nikki Brown  Wedding cupcake bouquets with Nikki Brown

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